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Arturo rocked my 50th birthday party! Great communication, showed up early, played all the music I asked for and read the crowd to keep things going. I highly recommend Playz Music!
Amy S.
Portland, OR
Arturo was a great DJ for the surprise birthday/retirement party I organized for my husband on the Virginia V (historic steamship) dockside on Lake Union. He was not familiar with the venue so he got there an hour early to check it out. Arturo was also good about communicating before the event so it was easy to work with him. I hired him based on a friend's recommendation and all I asked for was a good variety of rhythmic music so that everyone would feel included and inspired to dance at some point. I did not give him a play list but he was great at reading the crowd and varying the music so that it worked for all ages and tastes. We had a wonderful time and my friends also commented on what a fun DJ he is. Now we want to do a drumming class with him!
Wistar K.
Seattle, WA
Arturo DJ'd our wedding in April of 2017. I really liked him as a DJ and as a person. Arturo was friendly, warm and professional during the entire process of figuring out how our ceremony would look and feel. He listened and offered advice from his well of knowledge about weddings/ceremonies and allowed us to think (in real time) with him about order, songs, requests and other details. His experience shone through during our conversations as he was able to offer pros/cons and deep advice about overall feel of a wedding ceremony and reception. He was also honest about past successes and challenges that he had faced and how they allowed him to better serve us. Since we live in a different state from where we were married, the communications with Arturo were mostly by phone and email. I was very impressed by his short response time and willingness to answer the litany of questions me and my wife had. When we finally met in person, it was like talking to an old friend, as opposed to just another wedding vendor. He worked with us on the specific sections of songs to play at certain moments, and handled our request to play radio edits due to the family friendly nature of our wedding ceremony My wife and I dreamt that our wedding would become a party full of amazing moments on the dance floor. Arturo was able to support that vision with this professionalism. I also appreciated that (due to my own personal preference) he was fine not MCing and playing amazing music from the background. I think he'd make a great MC, but it was not something I wanted. Again, he was willing and eager to please his clients.
Payton R.
Sunnyvale, CA
Arturo was our DJ for our wedding at the space needle. We wanted a bilingual DJ who knew both English and Spanish since most of my family speaks Spanish as a first language. Arturo was eloquent and ran the wedding perfectly. The music set up and lights were very well done. We had a four hour open bar and we did not experience any issues and everyone had a great time. For anyone considering having Arturo at your wedding as a DJ, you should definitely do it. His rates are reasonable and my husband (military) is a fine detail type planner so he kept us to budget - after discussions with all the various services, Arturo was (a) mature, (b) moderately priced, (c) had his own equipment and set up, and (d) was respectful. The number one issue my husband had when talking to DJ's were that they were (a) young and distasteful in approach and (b) nickel and dimed over every detail. If we have another party in the future we will be contacting Arturo again.
Veronica G.
Yokosuka, Japan
Arturo is amazing, he is super professional very punctual. He has worked for me now for three consecutive years for my costume Halloween parties. He always plays perfect music for the crowd! We do costume contests and he handles that like a pro ! I will always use Arturo Playz Music for all of my parties. He also came and played at one of my New Years Parties. That was amazing as well. Arturo is a warm and very kind person. I highly recommend him to anyone for any event to make it memorable.
!! Tonya O
I was the primary planner for our Annual Medical Staff Retreat and was asked to hire a DJ for the evening entertainment/dancing portion of the event. Sadly, the DJ originally hired had canceled on me and Arturo came to my rescue. I had quite a bit of anxiety about making sure it would be a success and Arturo quickly put my mind at ease the first time I spoke with him. He was professional, timely, and the responses I heard from attendees was that I was to definitely have him back for next years retreat. He was a great hit and some docs danced all night. I'm so grateful I made the right choice having Arturo as our DJ! He was awesome!!
Davida Pennington
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