Trio / Quintet

2015 Bellevue Arts Fairs.

A Trio configuration for the first part and quintet for the last song.

"Cuban Medley"

Guitar and percussion duet – We covered a wide variety of Latin styles and music in this video. We start off with a son style, then move into an upbeat salsa, then fade into a nice slow bolero, then Afro Cuban 6/8 with a Flamenco vibe and end with a Cha cha cha.


"Hey Joe"

Guitar and conga duet – mid tempo with a funk / Latin rock vibe.


"Green Dolphin Street"

Guitar and percussion duet – mid to up tempo swung / Latin vibe.

"Cuban Son Medley"

Cuatro and percussion duet – Featuring a medley of Cuban son type music.

"La Comparsa"

Guitar and cajon duet – mellow background music with a Latin vibe

"Muisc Medley"

Guitar and percussion duet – a variety of music jazz, latin and african music styles.