Why picking the right DJ is important for your event

Whether it is your birthday, wedding or you are looking to celebrate something special with loved ones – music can be the difference between a good night and a bad night! Setting the tone for your event and making sure that you and your guests have the night of your lives can be made possible by hiring a good DJ and choosing the right sound for the event.

A good DJ will do everything possible to create the desired vibe according to what you tell them and what they get from the crowd. Understanding what your client wants and entertaining the crowd with music, keeping them on the dance floor in positive energy is a skill that only comes with experience and is a combination of the atmosphere and energy of the people dancing.

The term DJ is loosely used by everyone these days, including a college kid with an iPod or a businesswoman with a sound box. When selecting a DJ for your event, you must be careful about picking the right person for the job. Someone with the right experience, equipment, music knowledge, and personality to make sure you have a memorable event.

Expert planning
You are very busy with the planning stages of your events with so much to fix up and make it a success, a professional DJ will walk you through the entertaining part of your event and make sure you aren’t missing any important details like song selections, songs NOT to play, who is giving speeches and so on. An excellent and experienced DJ will make sure to work with the venue and the mood of the event, making sure the timing is correct, and everyone is happy.

Select the right music to play in your event to satisfy everyone. If your event has a wide range of ages and it can be difficult to please everyone at the same time since each generation has their favorite dance tune. The right DJ will take your requests to add a few musical hits you left out and his awareness of the details and weave them into crowd-pleasing favorites that bridge the different age group together, and everyone stays on the dance floor.

You could have a colleague or an associate set up some speakers or sound box and play some songs from a music player, but you could never get the same result as a real and experienced DJ. It will be disastrous when your equipment is not functioning properly, like your wireless microphone keeps cutting out, the music player also can’t play properly, or your guest in the back of the room can’t hear a thing.

A professional DJ will arrive early to your venue and setup the equipment, test running them to make sure they are all in the right shape to produce optimal sound and result. A perfect DJ can read a room and play the right song, also play songs according to the type of event you organize; you don’t expect him to play adult rock music for a kid’s birthday party. Pro DJs also keep the event moving, making the guest know of a relevant event-taking place on occasion.

Rounding things off, a good DJ needs to be smart, dress smart, and look presentable according to the event or occasion they are hired for. A nice shirt, trousers, and shoes look professional for an adult occasion, casual suits, blazers or jacket on a nice T-shirt and jeans for events with younger crowds.

Also, a neat and tidy DJ booth to show how organized and professional the DJ is. The DJ can make or break an event; you must make the right choice for your event to make your event an event to remember (in a good way!).

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